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Accelerating Integrated Photonics by bridging the gap between research and application


Integrated Photonics will help to solve big challenges in society. Applications range from road safety and health monitoring to energy-efficient data handling and communication to data security. Successful solutions based on Integrated Photonics require world-class expertise on the technology options as well as holistic understanding of the whole multidisciplinary system and the user application.


PITC turns the inventions and innovations in Integrated Photonics into industrial successes. We do this by working closely together with academic institutes and companies and finding new, real-world applications for integrated photonics. We provide technology solutions, knowledge and technical support to companies that target specific market applications. PITC is an independent institute that builds partnerships, strengthens the photonics ecosystem, and links it to a global customer base.

PITC for you

PITC supports companies that want to make the step towards high-quality production or want to enter the photonics supply chain. PITC is also there for OEMs, end users, and application owners that want to integrate photonics in their solutions

PITC helps you to enter the next phase of your photonic journey.

We help our customers and ecosystem partners to speed up the adoption and application of Integrated Photonics by providing a broad range of expertise, services and facilities.

Supporting development and engineering

PITC orchestrates and executes application-driven technology programs. We define our technology roadmap together with our program members. In addition, we offer dedicated development projects for solutions that match a customer specific need.

Accelerating knowledge and talent development

PITC supports training programs and workforce education in photonic technologies, design, and applications.

Enabling access to innovation and infrastructure

PITC provides its partners with access to knowledge, shared tools and facilities. This ranges from specialized equipment to technology evaluation kits.

Jointly tackle technology challenges, sharing R&D costs

Route to volume manufacturing

Aligned ecosystem reduces your time to market

The Photonic Integration Technology Center at a glance

Joint innovation center with strong parents

Founded by reputed parents with a strong track record in Integrated Photonics and shared innovation

Shared technology programs with jointly defined roadmap and concrete targets

Multi-year collaboration contracts with clear agreements on IP ownership & deployment

Embedded in a growing ecosystem

    Strong link with innovation partners, providing access to fundamental knowledge and system engineering know-how

    Fast growing industrial startups & scale-ups and excellent investment partners

Application-driven technology development

    Collaboration on solving bottlenecks in multiple disciplines is key for the successful industrial uptake of Integrated Photonics.

    Together with program members PITC will establish a funnel of innovations that provide steppingstones towards large-scale application of Integrated Photonics.

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